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Modernize your real estate agency

Revolutionize the way your clients buy and sell property by enabling them to transact effortlessly, while managing your agency processes on digital channels.

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Your Branded Real Estate Portal To stand out in the competitive real estate market, you need to make sure your offering is unique, personalized, and reflects your brand. Moxtra enables you to fully customize your app with workflows, business content, and your brand, to make it uniquely yours.

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Digitally transform the real estate transaction experience - Moxtra OneStop Client Service hub, provides suite of applications delivered under your brand, for automating and connecting the entire real estate client interaction process.

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End-to-End Management Control - End-to-end project tracking, with dedicated client workspaces, keeps you in total control of your agency, staff, and business processes.

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Modern Properties is an exclusive real estate team serving the Southern California and Washington markets. The brokerage provides clients with a secure and convenient digital experience, through the Moxtra OneStop Client Service Hub.

" With our app, I can keep clients apprised through every step in the process. Having a thread of context within the app just makes clients feel like the communication is much less of a confusion, and the platform has been instrumental in building trust. It feels personal.

Kate Pawlicki
Founder & Broker, Modern Properties
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What can Moxtra do for real estate agents?

Real estate transactions are paper-work intensive, complex, heavily regulated processes that involve a diverse collection of stakeholders. With Moxtra, you can digitally transform these processes, accelerate deal velocity, and provide exceptional client service.

Digital Client Workspace

Keep all interactions, documents, and history related to a transaction in one place. Configure permissions by role to ensure participants can only take action on what they’re supposed to.

360° view of your agency

Manage your agency from end-to-end. With Moxtra's OneStop Client Hub, retain visibility into all interactions happening. End-to-end project tracking keeps you in total control.

Automate business workflows

Easily streamline workflows and automate triggers. Guide your agents, transaction coordinators, and staff through processes, and make it simple to keep deals on track.

Support the entire client journey

Offer the ultimate real estate experience. Deliver highly personalized service that meets each client where they are, with a full suite of interactive capabilities on mobile and web.

Secure and Trusted by Banks

Maintain a digital record of all interactions. Our bank-grade security provides a sophisticated experience with role-based permissions, audit trails, and encryption.

Review and Approval Cycles

Accelerate business velocity and eliminate the need for physical documents or meetings. Exchange and approve mission-critical documents for immediate resolution securely.

Accelerate real estate agency
processes including

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Purchase contracts
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Listing research
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Appraisals and disclosures
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Contingency releases
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Leasing Contracts
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Due diligence
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Escrow Cycle
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Deed transfers
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Identification paperwork
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Processing title
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Agent on-boarding
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Home inspections
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Insurance policy review
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Warranty approvals
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Offer approvals
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Identification verification
The Shop Real Estate, powered by Moxtra

The shop real estate company

The Shop Real Estate is a Tampa-Bay firm, focused on delivering results in an enjoyable, friendly, and inexpensive atmosphere, through their app.

Modern Properties, powered by Moxtra

Modern properties

Modern Properties is an exclusive real estate team serving the S California and Washington markets. Their app provides a secure, convenient digital experience.

Anthem Green, powered by Moxtra


For over 30 years, Anthem Green has bought, sold, and remodeled extraordinary homes in Silicon Valley. With their hub, clients engage with their dedicated team.

Wardsworth Group, powered by Moxtra

Wardsworth Group

For over 30 years, Anthem Green has bought, sold, and remodeled extraordinary homes in Silicon Valley. With their hub, clients engage with their dedicated team.

Modernize your client interaction experience.
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