Concierge healthcare.

Moxtra excels at facilitating high-touch relationships, making it perfectly suited for concierge healthcare. Moxtra’s solutions deliver on-demand interaction, enabling the patient to exchange medical information and receive immediate routine and emergency telediagnosis and treatment from their personal physician on the go. When needed, subject matter experts can be looped into the conversation to provide their diagnoses and opinions, and then looped out to maintain patient confidentiality.

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A mobile, medical platform.

Enhance patient experiences, increase operational efficiency, and administer cost-effective care with Moxtra’s embeddable collaboration solution. Moxtra integrates directly with third-party platforms, devices, or networks used widely by healthcare providers, enabling specialists to remotely diagnose patients via real-time video calls, and clinicians and administrators to provide timely instructions to their teams from afar. As Moxtra is engineered to meet the rigorous compliance requirements of regulated industries, all interactions and exchanges of medical records and documents are fully encrypted.

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