Drive collaboration between customers, employees, and external stakeholders with Moxtra’s Secure Message Center, accelerating your business processes. The SMC’s timeline serves as a centralized hub, from which you can manage internal and external conversations, view files, set to-do’s, schedule meetings and interact.

Enable secure, persistent messaging channels within your customer-facing and internal applications, in which users can create individual or group threads and interact over multimedia content, such as documents, images, and videos. Administrators can set access controls on configurable user roles, search through complete audit logs, and view detailed reports on platform usage.

Schedule meetings or escalate any conversation to a real-time voice or video call with a click of a button, directly within the Secure Message Center. During meetings, users can share their screens; upload, annotate, and sign documents; and co-browse web pages while conversing via the SMC’s voice and video capabilities.

Track when messages are opened, when documents are viewed, and how long viewers spend on each page of a document. Users can instantly publish documents within threads or schedule them to be published at a certain date and time, enabling users to plan strategic campaigns and releases and monitor the success of them.

Review documents, give feedback, and grant approvals at any time, enabling the completion of transactions while on the go. With the Secure Message Center’s powerful digital document and e-signature workflow, users can collaborate over documents with visual and voice annotations, and sign documents within secure channels.

Automate low-touch activities without compromising the quality of customer interactions with the Secure Message Center’s Chatbot framework. Enterprises can embed the Chatbot directly within customer-facing websites and applications, thereby assisting customers at a moment’s notice and smoothly connecting prospects to live agents when necessary.

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