Link external services to your Moxtra account

Automate alerts, customize triggers, seamlessly import and annotate files, and eliminate username and password hassles with our service, cloud storage, and identity management integrations.

When triggered, hubspot’s inbound marketing software platform will post leads, contacts, and alerts to a binder.

When integrated, salesforce’s platform alerts you to new leads and sales opportunities, making crm a breeze.

Upon integration, github requests and activity are seamlessly synchronized and sorted into respective binders.

Manage your customer service and channel support tickets into separate binders with our zendesk integration.

Integration with zapier connects your web applications, automating tedious tasks and moving data between binders.

Manage your business’ finances with the quickbooks integration, which posts reports to specific binders.

Whether a contact is created, business deal closed, or record updated, you’ll know first with the zoho crm add-on.

With jira’s powerful tracking service, receive updates in a binder when an issue is created, opened or resolved.

Upload files directly into a binder with no extra hassle, using our integration with dropbox’s cloud-based storage solution.

With the box integration, fluidly upload files and other documents from the box cloud into a specific binder.

The evernote add-on allows for easy importation of files into a binder, even those created on-the-go in evernote.

Seamlessly upload any file from your google drive into a specific moxtra binder with this useful integration.

When accessed, the icloud drive integration allows you to easily import files from the cloud into a binder.

With paypal x moxtra, channel alerts into a binder when transactions such as payments, disputes, or refunds occur.

Through the formstack integration, capture and convert your marketing leads by pushing form data into a binder.

Pivotal tracker’s project management software posts updates in a binder when a feature is created or modified.

When activated, intercom keeps you updated on all your conversations with customers in a specified binder.

Manage contacts, send emails and track results with the mailchimp integration, which posts alerts into a binder.

Upon integration, stripe’s mobile commerce infrastructure updates you on transactions in a specified binder.

Maintain strong customer relations with the olark integration, which redirects messages into respective binders.

Crashlytics provides powerful crash reporting and real-time alerts, all funneled into a particular binder.

Keep track of recurring revenues with the chargify integration, which posts updates about payment transactions.

Manage your customers with the supportbee integration, which notifies you of customer activity.

Review developing code with the bitbucket integration, which updates you on the status of your code in a binder.

Monitor applications and coding projects with opbeat, which notifies you of status changes in a binder.

Keep tabs on all your apps with the appsignal integration, which posts performance notifications.

When triggered, the yo integration seamlessly filters all your yo messages into a specified binder.

Measure infinite metrics with the librato x moxtra integration, which posts alerts into the binder of your choosing.

Upon integration, opsgenie’s cloud-based service enables operation teams to manage alerts in communal binders.

This integration posts notifications about deployment success or failure, builds, and form submissions to a specific binder.

This integration simplifies the process around transactional emails, by notifying you of email opens and bounces.

Fulcrum’s data collection integration streams notifications regarding new events into the specific binder.

When activated, pagerduty’s operations performance platform posts messages to a binder when an incident is triggered.

Discover and resolve bugs before they become a problem. error messages will be sent to your team via moxtra.

When activated, datadog’s synthesizes massive amounts of data and pushes these custom alerts into a binder.

By utilizing webhooks, messages and posts from third-party sources are easily filtered into specific binders.

Chargebee’s integration will post alerts about your billing and subscriptions.

Papertrail’s log management system integration post notifications to a binder when a given search triggers.

Runscope provides automation for api monitoring and testing. this integration will post notifications to a binder.

Wufoo’s integration will post notifications to a binder in moxtra when a web form is submitted.

Celery’s e-commerce platform will post notifications when there are product order changes.

Sprintly’s project management saas tool will post notifications when project activity occurs for selected products.

When triggered, airbrake’s api monitoring and testing automation service, will post error alerts to a binder.

With gitlab’s integration, notifications about events affecting the code repository will be posted to a binder.

With tribehr’s social hr management software, receive updates when kudos are given and new jobs are posted.

This integration will post email delivery notifications from the sparkpost service to a binder in moxtra.

This integration will allow you and your team to access moxtra through your secure bitium accounts.

This integration will allow you and your team to access moxtra through your azure active directory log-ins.

This integration will allow you and your team to access moxtra through your secure centrify accounts.

This integration will allow you and your team to access moxtra through your one-login account.

Mission control for your online business, with beautifully simple, yet powerful real-time user level analytics.

Affordable, intuitive, self service business intelligence for extending your favorite SaaS products

Streamline data processing, reducing time spent and allowing businesses to focus on insight over preparation

Powerful marketing automation software to master the art & science of digital marketing to engage prospects

A beta testing platform for mobile apps allowing developers to see videos showing user behavior

This integration will allow you and your team to access moxtra through your okta account

Connect trello and moxtra to seamlessly connect with your team members to collaborate on your projects

This integration will allow you and your team to access Moxtra through your Google Cloud Identity account

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