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Trello x Moxtra

by Matthias Broner on February 14, 2017

Trello and Moxtra are pleased to announce our new Power-Up!

Connecting the Silos: The next step in the evolution of mobile project management.

Any company that places a value in productivity software is a company that is putting a value on efficiency and productivity as a tenant of what makes their company effective. Now in an ideal scenario, this technology is intuitive and easy to use, which creates an excited engagement inside of an organization. Employees feel empowered when they have technology that gives them the freedom to be independent, yet the comfort of being connected to their team.

In this same breath, an empowered worker is proactive in utilizing the resources around them. Until now, that has been great in theory, but in practice technology tends to silo individuals, and create disjointed conversations and workflows. However, with a solution that can mimic, and even build upon, the ways that we interact face-to-face via streamlining conversations and tasks, and providing the technology necessary to interact easily, we can achieve a completely new level of efficiency in collaboration.

A perfect example is that of a Lean company going through a standard product iteration cycle. In a traditional environment, when a new product release arises it will be the task of the Engineering team to develop the technology, the job of marketing to inform the team internally, and public externally, and the task of business development to effectively get this message to prospective and existing accounts. In any product lifecycle, staying on or ahead of schedule can make or break a release, and when there are multiple moving parts, both within and between departments, it can become a tricky process. Thankfully, through an effective visual collaboration space in Trello, and a comprehensive Power Messenger™ solution in Moxtra, orchestrating, managing and launching new releases has become seamless and painless.

In a traditional workflow, there are a multitude of in person meetings that need to held before a finalized product roadmap will be decided upon. Once this is accomplished, dozens if not hundreds of tasks will be dispersed amongst the DevOps team in order to effectively track and manage all of the moving parts needed for the expected launch date. From here MktgOps and BizOps are notified of the releases to come, possibly via mass e-mail, or in-frequently held all hands meetings. As the development process finalizes, marketing is called in to prepare materials around the release and create the messaging and content around the new technology. After finalizing the messaging, it is passed on to business development to be iterated the partners which they will inform in their meetings, and through regular outreach. Now this process rarely if ever goes as smoothly as planned, and if there is any error or miscommunication at any point along the way, it can derail the entire product launch. These miscommunications will typically happen due to conversations being disjointed and through multiple different mediums, as well as not having a home-base, or command-center for which to access all of the proper information, and people, for a given project.

The next evolution in project management involves a command-center where all parties and team members can access a project and immediately see the status of any aspect of a project. Beyond that, they can easily access any content or information needed regarding the release, and most importantly, should any questions, comments, or conversations arise, have the ability to immediately connect with the proper stakeholders, right from within the command-center.

With the Moxtra Power-Up for Trello, you have now enhanced the most comprehensive organization, visual collaboration, task and project management solution with the most advanced communication & collaboration tool. Now, all documents inside of Trello Cards can be beamed into a Moxtra environment where stakeholders can collaborate, message, annotate documents, drop signatures, and even host live meetings, screen share and video conference, and then de-escalate the collaboration back into an asynchronous format. The ability to access all content and users, from any device lends this solution to have the ability to transform the way your team communicates. By making managing projects as simple as texting, your team can spend more time working on their projects, than managing them. Let Trello and Moxtra do the heavy lifting, while you and your team can focus on that secret sauce which makes your company great.

Ready to get started? Sign up for Moxtra and Trello and enable the Power-Up.

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