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by Leena Iyar on February 24, 2016


solution partner program


GUIDEBOOK solution partner

moxtra delivers a comprehensive set of collaboration capabilities in a single, mobile-first platform. the moxtra service can be easily customized and embedded with our full suite of SDKs and APIs. add our rich power messaging to quickly and affordably make your applications more engaging, without a long development cycle. integration is fast and simple, and requires no up-front investment.

moxtra is designed around today’s mobile teams, transforming applications like e-learning, enterprise resource planning, field service management, and CRM by bringing people together around the information and data that drives their  day-to-day work. extend existing applications seamlessly with moxtra, to enhance user engagement, reduce churn, and expand market reach.


our power messaging stack provides our full suite of collaboration services within the context of your app. this comprehensive module can be further componentized into feature-specific individual modules.

connect with others in a rich multimedia chat. share images, documents, or videos from any source. launch a whiteboard to share ideas. get instant access to your content as you move between devices.

moxtra SDK architecture


connect with others in a rich multimedia chat. share images, documents, or videos from any source. launch a whiteboard to share ideas. get instant access to your content as you move between devices.


instantly share screenshots, documents, images, or videos and annotate over the top of them. files can be shared from anywhere, such as google drive or dropbox. speed decision-making with visibility into key information.


record voice clips over any type of content, such as an image, document, or whiteboard. recorded clips can be stored locally, in the moxtra cloud, or within your service. share with others via email, SMS, and social media.


schedule meetings, or start them on the fly from any device. anyone can join by clicking a link – no download required. share screens, chat via audio and text, present documents, and more. meetings can be recorded and saved.

why should i integrate moxtra? why wouldn’t I just build my own communications service?

building and maintaining a powerful communications service takes a lot of time and money. our engineering team has heritage at webex and years of experience in the space. moxtra is designed for mobile internet to scale to millions of users with enterprise class security. let us do the heavy lifting behind the scenes. leveraging the moxtra SDK allows you to avoid these challenges so that you can focus on the most important thing: your product.

how secure and scalable is moxtra?

moxtra employs end-to-end military grade encryption with SSL encryption for data in transit and AES-256 bit encryption with Amazon S3 storage layers, monitoring techniques for data at rest. this provides multiple layers of protection against common security threats and vulnerabilities. moxtra is engineered for the mobile internet and is built to scale dynamically for millions of users. our cloud platform is transparent to app developers and will scale automatically as the app acquires new users.

how do the moxtra SDKs work?

the moxtra SDK provides a pluggable UI element that securely connects and delivers moxtra services from the cloud.

do you connect with other services?

moxtra allows infinite possibilities of integrations via support for webhooks. we currently provide over 50 service integrations out-of-the-box, and we aim to include over 200 integrations by end of 2015.

how will adding the moxtra SDKs efect the UI of my app?

we don’t want to compromise the look and feel of your app. our SDK is built to blend seamlessly into your app’s user interface with minimal interference and completely customizable UI elements.

enhanced productivity with video conferencing solutions

can i pick and choose what functionality I embed from moxtra into my business application?

yes. our wide array of SDK oferings and our broad REST API environment, allow for endless options for integrating moxtra.

how much time will it take to integrate moxtra into my application?

this depends largely on the integration, and can vary from few hours to few days depending on the use case and workflow of your application. the bulk of your time goes into defining the integration, not the development itself.

do you have some example integrations from customers in my vertical?

we are integrated across multiple industries and have partners in many verticals, that demonstrate the flexibility and efectiveness of a moxtra integration. contact us for a demonstration of how our partners leverage the power of moxtra’s multilayered collaboration in their on- demand solutions

how do I get started?

join our developer portal! our sandbox allows developers to test and build their applications in a controlled environment. we have a wide variety of code examples for iOS, android, JavaScript, PHP, python, and java. we do not ofer a native windows SDK, however moxtra can be integrated through the browser allowing for seamless functionality across operating systems.


    • optimized use of network bandwidth
    • quick sync of data
    • distributed memory based caching architecture
    • optimized load distribution and movement of data

    • end to end high availability architecture design
    • built for business and enterprise – proxy handling, reconnecting, timeout
    • data farm redundancy

    • encrypted communication
    • data in rest is AES encrypted
    • single sign-on
    • safe harbor compliant

    • collaboration life cycle coverage end to end
    • platform and device agnostic
    • B2P2B

    • partner branding
    • customizable UI components
    • modular
    • multiple modes of authentication

    • native SDKs
    • REST APIs
    • webhooks
    • developer docs and tools 


  • every component is designed for horizontal scalability
  • robust Q system for backend job handling
  • scalable no-SQL distributed data farm
  • load scalability: our distributed system easily accommodate varying numbers of inputs.
  • geographic scalability: we maintain performance, regardless of expansion from concentration in a local area to a more distributed geographic pattern.


we ofer a shared revenue model that aligns with your needs, whether you create freemium or paid apps. end user acceptance is key to our success, and accordingly, we can adapt our pricing to drive user engagement of our joint services. let’s work together to define a frictionless go-to-market to scale your business.

can you describe your business model?

we do not actively sell directly to end users. moxtra solution partners integrate moxtra directly into their (or their customer’s) native application which is then sold to end users. there is flexibility to brand the resulting application as the SDK partner’s application or the end-customer application.

how does your pricing change based on functionality sold?

we ofer module- by-module pricing (as needed) when components of moxtra are embedded by solution partners into business applications. please contact us for more information.

what is your licensing model?

we license our APIs and SDKs for our partners to resell either as a complement to existing legacy application or as an entirely new business application. our pricing is based on several factors including strategic relationship, volume, geography and capabilities sold.


moxtra delivers an embeddable, multi-layered cloud collaboration service that lets people work the way they want to – on the go or at their desks, in real-time or any time. founded by former webex co-founder and ceo subrah iyar and webex veteran stanley huang, moxtra understands that the mobile workforce needs to stay connected to their work and each other – from anywhere, on any device. the moxtra sdks can be embedded into existing vertical solutions to provide rich capabilities that include secure enterprise messaging, file sharing, annotations, multi-party voice and video conferencing, and much more, with dozens of integrations to popular applications and cloud based storage options. extend your existing legacy application into the mobile world or deliver a new application that works seamlessly within your business workflow. applications powered by Moxtra have collaboration built in, to keep users engaged and productive. in april 2015, gartner named moxtra a “cool vendor in social software and collaboration.” to learn more about the company, go to

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