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by Leena Iyar on December 7, 2015


channel partner program


GUIDEBOOK channel partner


an overview of our channel partner program

empower your customers and elevate your business with the moxtra channel partner program. when you partner with moxtra, you become a key member in our partner ecosystem, supported by a team with a rich history in the collaboration space.  this document is a one-stop partner resource to help you understand the moxtra channel partnership program. it’s designed to illustrate the benefits of our program and to guide you through the process of building a successful partnership with us. as a reseller, the investment required is minimal and getting started is a sinch.

enhanced productivity with video conferencing solutions
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and a background of our service

founded by former webex-logoco-founder and CEO subrah iyar and webex veteran stanley huang, the moxtra team has a proven history in the collaboration space, with over 100+ years of combined experience.

our embeddable service brings people together in a secure workspace that combines conversations, meetings, and content in one place – for faster decisions, better communication, and more productive teams. the moxtra application has been featured on the itunes and mac app stores in several categories worldwide (business, project collaboration, social networking, and the main homepage). we also provide a white-labeled ‘standalone’ companion app that connects to proprietary content management and security systems, providing value across the enterprise.

moxtra makes teamwork easier and faster – for quick approvals or months-long projects, with five people or fifty. it’s just that simple.


every business can be a growth business

businesses continually search for ways to maximize their revenue opportunity and broaden their market reach. with the moxtra channel partner program, outpace the market and lead with first mover priority on an end-to-end, mobile first solution. moxtra is multi-layered with 200+ apis and sdks, making it possible to sell independent feature sets within the application. gain a competitive advantage with industry proven guidance and leverage our exclusive partner marketing, with custom collateral for joint partnership initiatives. there are no initial set up fees required for adding moxtra to a portfolio, so channel partners can enjoy margins upwards of 30-40%.


a program tailored for your business


be one of the first reseller partners to offer moxtra to your customers. to learn more about moxtra, email


exclusive top-tier pricing on a market proven, end to end, mobile first solution


access to premium co-branding and marketing support from our team


bespoke white papers and joint battle cards that leverage joint partnership initiatives


there are no initial set up fees charged for adding moxtra to a reseller portfolio


pricing plans and no set up costs enable resellers to enjoy margins upwards of 30-40%


receive custom tailored support to drive your business

moxtra provides zero-cost setup, rapid deployment, and zero-touch to launch successfully. however, there maybe some investment needed for tier 1 training, provisioning, and billing support for end users. this investment will be need to be planned for, but only activated once users go live. we provide second layer support to assist our partners with necessary training, billing, and support. in some circumstances, we’ll provide first layer support as well. we also provide marketing collateral, market development funds, and support to key partners and resellers that are committed to drive significant business with moxtra.


enterprise class messaging that is flexible, scalable, and reliable quick and easy to deploy, zero touch attractive commercials and business models military grade security with AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption embeddable and customizable with an intuitive user experience


moxtra has been architected with 200+ apis and sdks, making it possible to sell independent feature sets within the application. in addition, our service can be white labeled and fully integrated into a business workflow using a modular approach. partners can then resell the integrated application with moxtra directly to their end customers or to their reseller channels. create infinite integration possibilities via our webhooks support. we currently provide over 50 service integrations out-of-the-box, and we aim to include over 100 integrations by end of 2016. moxtra employs end-to-end military grade encryption with ssl encryption for data in transit and aes-256 bit encryption with amazon S3 storage layers, monitoring techniques for data at rest. this provide multiple layers of protection against common security threats and vulnerabilities.


moxtra delivers an embeddable, multi-layered cloud collaboration service that lets people work the way they want to – on the go or at their desks, in real-time or any time. founded by former webex co-founder and ceo subrah iyar and webex veteran stanley huang, moxtra understands that the mobile workforce needs to stay connected to their work and each other – from anywhere, on any device. the moxtra sdks can be embedded into existing vertical solutions to provide rich capabilities that include secure enterprise messaging, file sharing, annotations, multi-party voice and video conferencing, and much more, with dozens of integrations to popular applications and cloud based storage options. extend your existing legacy application into the mobile world or deliver a new application that works seamlessly within your business workflow. applications powered by Moxtra have collaboration built in, to keep users engaged and productive. in april 2015, gartner named moxtra a “cool vendor in social software and collaboration.” to learn more about the company, go to

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