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by Leena Iyar on February 26, 2016


CASE STUDY totvs + moxtra

totvs leaps ahead in the ERP space


TOTVS leaps ahead in the ERP space by adding easy-to-use mobile collaboration capabilities to its traditional enterprise platform.

TOTVS, based in Brazil, is one the largest integrated management system (ERP) developers in the world. It has over 10,000 employees and provides business management software to 26,000 customers throughout 39 countries.


Recently, TOTVS benefitted from embedding Moxtra’s multi- layered collaboration technology – called Fluig – into an application that manages multiple business processes on a single screen. This came about when TOTVS discovered a unique need among its customers in Brazil and other international countries.

Specifically, these customers were asking for a solution like WhatsAppTM, but for business. In fact, many international business professionals were using WhatsApp for messaging purposes already. TOTVS’s Fluig platform was available, but it needed to be improved to meet customers’ specific messaging needs.

Adding Moxtra’s multilayered collaboration technology to the Fluig platform has immediately increased customer satisfaction and productivity, with an expected 20% decrease in churn and increase in revenue.

— Marilia Rocca, VP of Platforms and Cloud Computing @ TOTVS

Intent on providing a more appropriate messaging and meeting system, TOTVS began looking for a company to partner with and was advised to look at Moxtra. TOTVS was facing the issue of “build or buy.” Since it did not have the time or talent to build, the company needed to buy, and Moxtra made it fast and easy.

“Moxtra had the best product, the best technology, and a super agile team, so it developed a communication platform that allowed customers the engagement they wanted and provided us the control and privacy we needed. ”

— Vicente Goetten, Executive Director @ TOTVS

It took TOTVS two weeks to create a proof of concept and then a few weeks for Moxtra to build, integrate, and test the first working version. At that point, Moxtra’s Power MessengerTM was built into the Fluig product family and white labeled as a standalone business messenger plus product. This resulted in the  MeetingsTM and MessagingTM tools. In this way, Moxtra enhanced Fluig’s collaboration capabilities, resulting in better user engagement and increased productivity.

moxtra products used:
  • power messengerTM
  • document sharing
  • online conferencing
  • visual and voice annotation
  • screen sharing
  • video chat


Fluig MessagingTM and Fluig MeetingsTM now make up the front end of Fluig. Both have helped to increase the stickiness of the Fluig platform. Fluig Meetings simplifies the process of inviting colleagues to virtual meetings to discuss a particular document. Users can choose the document they want to focus on, and then invite other platform users. Once those users receive the meeting notification, they can confirm their attendance and then make changes to the document as they discuss it. Another aspect of Fluig is Fluig Messaging, which makes it easy to message colleagues in real-time and even set up virtual and video meetings between other Fluig users. This platform also makes it possible for users to add notes to documents, or add images and videos to conversations, all from any device.

The mission that TOTVS and Moxtra shared was improved collaboration, and the new Fluig platform components fulfilled it. TOTVS soon found that its customers reported their employees gravitating away from other apps and using Fluig more, even staying in the app longer than ever. Vicente stated,”Moxtra transformed the application with embedded, multilayered collaboration to drive user engagement and result in an expected 20% decrease in churn and an increase in revenue.” Since TOTVS did not have to build the collaboration technology from scratch, the company saved time and money by partnering with Moxtra. Its collaboration layer was quick to integrate, allowing Fluig users to start seeing benefits within months so they no longer had to use different apps to get the messaging and meeting capabilities they craved.