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shekou international

by Leena Iyar on February 25, 2016


CASE STUDY shekou international school


Meghan Wilson works three diferent teaching jobs and struggles to keep track of her hectic life. She is a middle school teacher at Shekou International School, a director of after school activies with a focus in dog rescue, and a physical education instructor at a local preschool. She requires a solution to plan and organize her life.


Meaghan found Moxtra while browsing the App Store and quickly integrated it into her daily workflow. She used the following features of Moxtra to manage her busy life:

  • Binders: Meaghan sorts all her documentation neatly into three binders – one for each teaching job. With Moxtra as her new central repository, she is easily able to organize, access, and retrieve information for any particular student. In addition, she is able to use diferent devices to connect to Moxtra no matter where she is. This is especially helpful when she forgets one of her devices or runs out of battery while jumping from job to job.
  • Real-Time Meetings: When Meaghan is unable to attend a class, she is able to teach virtually using Moxtra’s powerful real-time meeting functionality. She is able to engage her students and present content remotely


Moxtra enabled Meaghan to tame her chaotic life. She is able to get more done in less time, while never missing a beat. Using Moxtra gives Meaghan more time to relax and recharge for the next day.