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by Leena Iyar on February 24, 2016


CASE STUDY comercializadora frucori


Virtus Nutrition is an industry leader in fatty acid nutrition for dairy cattle. They utilize precise formulas to create and manufacture feed with ingredients that significantly improve productive efficiency and reproductive performance.

In 2014, Virtus Nutrition launched a new application, Omega Balancer, to provide a powerful tookit to help balance Omega-3 and Omega-6 nutrients in a dairy diet. To achieve and maintain an edge over its competitors, Virtus sought an effective way for their sales team to communicate with prospective and existing customers.


Virtus Nutrition was an early adopter of Moxtra. Their sales team integrated Moxtra tightly into their workflow to better communicate with customers. They leveraged the following features of Moxtra:

  • Rich Annotations: Since Virtus Nutrition’s products were technical in nature, customers often required detailed descriptions to understand them before purchasing. This process was significantly improved with Moxtra’s powerful annotation tools that enabled the sales team to effectively deliver explanations and demos to their customers.
  • Multimedia Communication: Moxtra’s multimedia messaging capabilities gave Virtus Nutrition the perfect way to engage its customers. Members of the sales team were able to interact with both existing and prospective customers using text messages, images, voice messages, and more. In addition, they were able to increase internal communication by using Moxtra’s messaging to share information while on the go.


Prior to Moxtra, the sales team used ten to twelve pieces of software, complicating the sales process. By shifting their operations to Moxtra, Virtus was able to increase productivity and time efficiency. According to Virtus, Moxtra enabled them to “really stand out in a hurry and do something different.”

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