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by Leena Iyar on February 24, 2016


CASE STUDY intution + moxtra

intuition appoints moxtra to add collaborative mobile learning


Leading learning platform expands its offerings and creates potential for substantial increased revenue.

Intuition is a knowledge management solutions company that works to embed collaborative learning where context exists, like inside business processes and learning to enhance the way teams work together. More specifically, it focuses on helping companies all over the world access the tribal knowledge that exists within each organization so they can share it with their employees. One of its knowledge management solutions is Intuition Tech Channels, which is a platform that promotes collaborative learning by curating technical content from reliable sources and sharing it with software professionals.

The six technical channels contain reference books, videos, eBooks, and archived conferences full of information on the technology industry. A few of the subjects include cloud computing and big data, user experience, and mobile application development. The point of this online library is to provide technology professionals with instant and easy access to subject matter experts (SMEs) and peers. This makes it possible to retrieve tribal knowledge inside the organization within minutes.

Moxtra added a collaborative layer to the Intuition Tech Channels to make the platform more engaging and increase satisfaction among the technology professionals using it.”

— Brian Finnerty, General Manager of Technology Solutions @ Intuition


From its implementation, Intuition Tech Channels has helped with educating everyone from software architects to key decision makers and more. But when one of them had a question about the content, it was difficult to reach out to anyone to get fast answers, which could defeat the purpose of the platform and learning initiatives. That’s where Moxtra came in.

moxtra products used:
  • power messengerTM
  • document sharing
  • online conferencing
  • visual and voice annotation
  • screen sharing
  • video chat

With Moxtra’s collaborative layer, anyone using Intuition Tech Channels can make annotations and markups when a question arises about the content. If they have questions that are too complex to write  down, they can record a video clip in which they explain the question while looking at the content. A subject matter expert can then review the annotations or video clip and add his or her own notes, or even launch a meeting in real time on any device. 

With the improvements that Moxtra’s collaborative layer made to Intuition Tech Channels, technology professionals can now get a much more engaging and comprehensive learning experience as they seek out knowledge. While the platform previously offered plenty of information for users to read and watch, the collaborative learning experience was one-sided. Now it is more interactive, allowing SMEs to quickly answer any questions technology professionals have about the uploaded content. The result is that more people can benefit from subject matter experts and everything that the technology industry has to offer.