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comercializadora frucori

by Leena Iyar on February 26, 2016


CASE STUDY comercializadora frucori


Frucori is a fruit farm in Costa Rica that exports fruit on a large scale. In its early years, the farm exported its produce to both coasts of the United States and islands in the Caribbean. However, in recent years, operations rapidly expanded and Frucori now supplies a number of European nations including the United Kingdom, Spain, The Netherlands, and France.

Illeana is a senior manager at Frucori. While Frucori’s sales grew exponentially, its operational efficiency suffered with the rapid expansion. It was difficult for her to keep up with the company’s growth.


Ileana adopted Moxtra to serve Frucori’s quality assurance team. The company leveraged the following Moxtra capabilities:

  • Real-Time Communication: Moxtra provided Frucori’s quality assurance team a streamlined method to communicate and coordinate various aspects of the QA process. Since Frucori’s farms are spread throughout Costa Rica, team members often need to travel to different locations and report observational notes regarding the crop. Moxtra made this process far more efficient by allowing team members to communicate with Ileana while on the go. They could communicate via text or in a real time meeting.
  • Content Collaboration: Oftentimes, text is insufficient to describe the quality of the crop or note specific details about it. With Moxtra, team members were able to share images coupled with rich annotations, making their notes more descriptive. The ability to share content easily improved efficiency by reducing the need for a team member to revisit a site to collect more detailed data.


Moxtra immediately impacted the operations of Frucori. The company experienced vast improvements in operational efficiency and overall productivity. The results were higher financial returns and the ability to keep up with the company’s growth. Pleased with Moxtra’s results, Ileana stated, “My clients are VERY happy with this app.”

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