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coachella valley school district

by Leena Iyar on February 18, 2016

CASE STUDY coachella valley school district


The Coachella Valley School District runs across 22 schools, with 18,000 students and 1000 teachers. In the last 3 years, schools in the district have adopted the use of tablets in their K-6 classrooms. Each student was provisioned an iPad to use both inside and outside the classroom. However, the schools struggled to formalize a process through which the iPads would seamlessly integrate into the academic routines of the teachers and students.


The Coachella Valley School district adopted Moxtra to manage academics both inside and outside the classroom. Students and teachers both grasped the application with ease and integrated the application deeply into their work cycles. Moxtra provided the following uses:

  • Binders: Students and teachers organized their files by subject into Moxtra binders. Students were able to send their homework to their teachers as well as share notes with their classmates. Teachers kept their classes organized by creating separate binders. Moxtra provided an easy solution to unclutter the large amounts of content involved in day-to-day academic activities.
  • Rich Annotations: Moxtra’s annotation abilities gave students and teachers the ability to do more with their digital content. Teachers were able to annotate over students’ homework with highlights, drawings, voice notes, and more. Students were able to review notes and readings by highlighting them. By collaborating over their content, students were able to learn more efficiently and teachers were able to deliver thorough feedback in a timely manner.


Moxtra quickly replaced the jumble of edu-creation applications that previously cluttered students’ and teachers’ iPads. It is now completely integrated as a single centralized repository for students and teachers to interact on academic work. According to the Coachella Valley School District administration, the improvements in efficiency gave classes nearly 15 minutes of extra instructional time per day.

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