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chef rob @ lakewood high school

by Leena Iyar on February 17, 2016


CASE STUDY chef rob @ lakewood high school


Chef Rob is a culinary teacher at Lakewood County School District. He is passionate about teaching his students recipies that promote a healthy lifestyle. However, he needed a way to curate all his recipes and engage with his students in an efficient manner.


Chef Rob discovered Moxtra while surfing the app store. He found it to be an effective solution for his needs, delivering:

  • Binders: Chef Rob users Moxtra Binders to plan his daily classroom activities and sort his recipes. He creates individual binders for each student in which he stores relevant recipes, demos, procedures, and assignments. In addition to managing his students, Rob uses Moxtra binders in his personal life. He shares secret recipes across his extended family and uses binders to upload, view, and share family photos.
  • Multimedia Messaging: Rob communicates directly with his students whether they are in class or not. He is able to upload pictures and videos of his cooking and encourages his students do the same. In addition, he can annotate his uploaded content to provide further clarifications and make modifications. According to Chef Rob, Moxtra, “does everything I need and it continues to evolve to the next thing that I need to do.”


Moxtra helped Chef Rob connect various aspects of his life in one convenient centralized location. Using Moxtra allowed him to effectively communicate with his students and family and freed up a significant amount of time.

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