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what is moxtra?

moxtra delivers a mobile first, multi layered collaboration service with a zero-touch, SaaS business model. the moxtra reference application has been featured on the iTunes app store in several categories worldwide, including business, project collaboration, and the main homepage. our rich SDKs and APIs embed seamlessly into business applications.

who is your competition?

moxtra is a truly unique all-in-one collaboration platform built from the ground up with 200+ multi layered APIs and SDKs. our service can be white labeled and fully integrated into a business workflow using a modular approach. with all these capabilities, moxtra has currently no true like-for-like competitor in the marketplace with an end to end offering.

why should I sell moxtra?

partners choose moxtra over everyone else, because we are a one-stop-shop for collaboration. with zero cost set up, very competitive pricing, and a modular approach, moxtra enables partners to gain market and wallet share with exceptionally high margins.

can I sell moxtra on a modular basis?

yes, moxtra is multi-layered with 200+ APIs and SDKs, making it fully possible to sell independent feature sets within the application. in addition, moxtra can be integrated within existing or new business applications through solution partnerships. these partners can then resell the integrated app with moxtra directly to their end customers or their reseller channels.

is the app sold directly? what is your go to market strategy?

we do not actively sell the moxtra app directly. the majority of moxtra’s go-to-market outreach is via reseller partnerships and SDK integrations via OEM partnerships.

what are the typical margins I should expect from selling moxtra?

moxtra’s highly competitive pricing enables our reseller partners to enjoy exceptionally high margins with minimums of 30%-40% and going as high as 70-80%.

what support should I expect as a reseller?

moxtra provides 2nd layer support to assist our partners with necessary training, billing, and support. in a few circumstances, moxtra may provide 1st layer support by email only. moxtra also provides marketing collateral templates, market development funds and support to key partners and resellers that are committed to drive significant business with moxtra.

what is your business model?

we do not actively sell directly to end users. moxtra goes to market in primarily two ways. our channel partners resell moxtra directly (in some cases white labeling moxtra) and selling to their end users. moxtra solution partners integrate moxtra directly into their (or their customer’s) native application which is then sold to end users. there is flexibility to brand the resulting application as the SDK partner’s application or the end-customer application.

what are the expectations of me, as a reseller or partner?

invest time and effort with moxtra to be fully trained on the offering. provide 1st layer support for customer service and billing directly to their end users. fully commit to driving market penetration aggressively with moxtra.

how secure is moxtra?

moxtra employs end-to-end military grade encryption with SSL encryption for data in transit and AES-256 bit encryption with Amazon S3 storage layers, monitoring techniques for data at rest. this provide multiple layers of protection against common security threats and vulnerabilities. please refer to our technical security white paper for details.

what is your licensing model?

moxtra charges users based on a SaaS model (per user per month) under a revenue-share model.

how many resellers does moxtra have regionally and globally?

moxtra is currently building partnerships with upwards of ten of the largest global resellers and dozens of regional partners and resellers around the world.