real time embeddable

your users can share screens, video conference, chat via audio and text, present documents, and more 

extend the workplace far beyond its walls with moxtra’s real-time embeddable

mobile first, not mobile only

with moxtra’s mobile-first architecture, users can both host and join meetings from any device, whether in the office, or on the go.

global data centers

we have proprietary data centers all over the world, so our users can expect consistently clear meetings, sans latency and dropouts.

no downloads required

anyone, app-user or not, can join a meeting with a single click. any meeting can be recorded and archived for future reference.

real time embeddable features


due to our patented technology, our meeting quality remains clear and without audio latency, in most connected environments across the world


our unique load balancing technique enables us to monitor changes in connectivity and correctly adjust the communication for clear, consistent audio


our proprietary technology enables our platform to function behind firewalls and proxies, so users on extremely secure connections can still access their meetings


call using an internet connection or with our global dial-in numbers, from a phone line


our video chat works seamlessly for all users, regardless of platform or device type


schedule multi-party meetings from any device on the moxtra calendar


share your application or your computer screen to ensure everyone is on the same page


users can not only join, but also host meetings directly from mobile devices


whiteboard collaboratively during a conference call to discuss ideas and get your point across


users can meet with up to fifty participants simultaneously, while maintaining a high quality audio and video conference


our embeddables provide a customizable UI/UX layer so the capabilities look and behave exactly like your application


users can present and share documents which they can collaboratively annotate and save, when necessary

our real time embeddable is extremely versatile, here are a few use cases

video conferencing solutions for healthcare


provide doctors, caregivers, patients, pharmacists, and administrators an intuitive, encrypted tele-presence platform, available in their pockets and on their computers. moxtra is mission critical technology, with military-grade security you can rely upon.

omni channel finance

banks and asset managers often struggle to sufficiently meet the needs of all of their customers as it requires significant face-to-face interaction. with moxtra, a complete customer service experience can be delivered to clients whenever or wherever they require it.

HD video conferencing solutions


create a virtual deal room with moxtra. sales professionals can schedule and host pitches and demo meetings directly from inside your platform. meetings can be hosted from any device and invitees can join from anywhere with a single click, no download required.