draw embeddable

your users can illustrate their ideas and provide feedback with intuitive and robust annotation tools

moxtra annotation draw layer icons

moxtra’s potent document collaboration capabilities enable instant feedback and approval flows

moxtra annotation draw layer icons

illustrate your point

with the draw embeddable, users can sketch freely, insert shapes, add voice tags, highlight, and sign important documents.

moxtra annotation draw illustrations api sdk

annotate from any device

all of moxtra’s features are built mobile first, so you can annotate via desktop computer, tablets, and mobile devices.

moxtra annotation api sdk draw illustrations

review and approve

with our annotation tools, your users can give immediate feedback, approvals, and signatures on any type of document.

draw embeddable features


the pen tool gives you the ability to free hand draw on top of any file type, image, or whiteboard. change the color and weight of the pen tool on the fly.


the highlighter pen tool gives you the ability to mark up documents, images, and whiteboards by free hand with a multitude of highlighter colors and opacity levels.


create text boxes on top of files. select between several different font families. drag the text boxes to rearrange the location and/or resize the size of the box.


create rectangle, oval, and triangle shapes with the shape tool. you can create these shapes on documents (PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX), images, and whiteboards.


this arrow tool allows you to create arrows on documents, images, and whiteboards. you can edit the color, weight, and direction of the arrow whenever desired.


sign documents via any device. when you preset your signature, drag and drop your signature at the desired location, making approvals a breeze.


our whiteboard gives you and your team a blank canvas with all of moxtra annotation capabilities at your side so you collaborate from wherever you are.


the image overlay tool enables users to add multiple images as layers, on top of documents, images, and whiteboards. create image references within files.


add voice memos or speech bubbles (with voice recordings attached) to specific sections of a document or image. choose from a variety of different designs.


any files uploaded into a binder are stored in the Moxtra cloud. set permissions to determine who is allowed to access each binder.


every file and binder has a unique URL attached, so that you can share the content inside via email, SMS, and social media.


export/download any files that are stored in any binders. download files as originals or as PDFs with layered annotations on top.

our draw embeddable is extremely versatile, here are a few use cases

moxtra annotation api sdk design

visual design

with the moxtra annotation tools, marketing teams can give their graphic designers immediate visual and vocal feedback when the designer uploads proofs into the binder. revisions are cataloged for future reference. 

moxtra annotation use case fieldsales

field services

when a field agent is on location, he can take pictures and videos of the issue and upload them into moxtra. back at headquarters, the technician can use the annotation tools to illustrate how to resolve the issue.

moxtra annotation use case


stakeholders can use our annotation tools to provide feedback on floor plans, CAD renderings, topography studies, and progress reports no matter their location – via desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device.