built to scale dynamically with your application

email engine

the email engine handles all the incoming mails. It parses the emails and accordingly posts data to respective binders.

data persistence layer

the data persistence layer deals with storing and retrieving data from our data farm.

search farm

the search farm is responsible for providing fast and accurate search results.

cache layer

the caching layer acts as a central part of the server and provides very rapid data reading and writing.

moxtra SDK architecture

real-time services

our realtime services include voice, public switched telephone network (PSTN), video, desktop sharing and real-time chat services. our voice service leverages VoIP technology and moxtra’s secure network. hosted voice provides PBX-like voice capabilities—without the PBX. enjoy a full set of unified communications features.

moxtra collaboration architecture flow

presentation layer

the presentation layer contains code, which works with the data, processing it according to the rules of the business logic.

integration services

this is a separate service dedicated to monitoring integrations configured with external services. the integration services handle authentication and all incoming data from various third party applications. it parses the incoming data payload and posts it to configured binders.

job search farm

the job server farm is a cluster of servers that process all the requests coming in from the different services layer. it streamlines internal processes by distributing the workload between the individual components of the farm to meet performance and high availability requirements. it prioritizes the tasks and schedules and reschedules them depending on priority and demand that users put on our network.