Home Asia Group is a multi-national corporate and commercial real estate firm headquarted in Southeast Asia. This company has the reputation for constructing structures of exceptional build quality. Michael Chai, CEO of Home Asia Group runs his operations concurrently from China, Singapore, Myanmar, and Thailand – and soon to be Vietnam – while managing the overall strategic direction of the business. This case study examines the use of Moxtra within his organization, Home Asia Group.


Overruns in cost and schedule are often synonymous with construction projects. Too much time is spent looking for updates, waiting for approvals, and keeping track of latest revisions.

While office workers have seen substantial productivity improvements with software, field workers were left behind: it just isn’t practical to carry a laptop around a jobsite. An influx of mobile devices followed, but several apps were built as an extension to an existing web presence rather than beginning at the mobile design point. Enter Moxtra.

At Home Asia Group, there are always several projects ongoing concurrently, each with a process requiring subject matter experts to convene at various project milestones. Without streamlined collaboration for those in the field, managing all the moving parts can be disastrous.

“We were using so many different applications and services that there was no cohesive record of what had been said in previous meetings and conversation, nor what tasks had been accomplished, nor what documents had been reviewed by who.” – Michael Chai, CEO @ Home Asia Group

Mr. Chai subsequently switched his organization to Moxtra and has since noticed marked improvements to internal and external communications, significantly enhancing his team’s efficiency. This translated into real dollars, with the team able to complete several more projects per year and expand into more cities. Moxtra’s seamless implementation within Home Asia Group’s business workflow enabled rapid, global growth for the team through efficient collaboration across distances and time zones.


Mr. Chai found the ability to manage the entire lifecycle of a project from within Moxtra’s rich messaging stream was extremely compelling. Moxtra’s messaging is fully auditable with a deep search capability that includes images, documents, and files. He was able to bring key stakeholders into a project at different stages, and loop others in or out when required.

Several tasks that were handled in person before, whether on-site or through analog means, had been transformed digitally through Moxtra. With Moxtra’s device-agnostic solution, team members are able to access all project information, instantly message relevant parties, and pull in any file necessary into the conversation, while on mobile at the jobsite. Moxtra’s cloud services and desktop integrations allowed unfettered field access to all relevant blueprints, reports, drawings, and spec sheets.

The Home Asia Group team was able to assign tasks and upload attachments with versional control, annotate and review documents, capture digital signatures, and receive status updates of the current builds in the forms of videos or images. New files are automatically leafed into place without losing any previous annotations or conversations. Whenever necessary, members could jump on a live meeting from any device to collaborate on floorplans with live viewing and annotations, or use the video chat option for virtual walkthroughs.

“The reduction of errors and miscommunications that resulted from using Moxtra has single-handedly boosted the productivity and efficiency of my team. Without Moxtra, my business could not function as effectively as it does today.” – Michael Chai, CEO @ Home Asia Group


Powerful document collaboration capabilities combined with live updates enabled Mr. Chai to prevent issues from escalating, communicate with his builders, and make immediate and informed decisions. He was able to strike an optimal balance between costs, schedules, and meeting requests. Home Asia Group obtained a significant return on investment by using Moxtra with error minimization, time savings, rework savings, and enhanced growth.