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we have plans for teams of all sizes

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a sampling of
great features


a sampling of great features

  • search and browse messages from the past 90 days
  • 10 MB file upload size
  • 2 service integrations
  • 3 participants per meeting (including video meetings, screensharing, whiteboarding)
  • 30 minutes per meeting
  • free native apps for iOS, android, mac, and windows
  • forward emails into moxtra
  • dial-in directly to meetings
  • help desk
  • upload files from cloud services
business pro $12.00

per user,
per month


everything in individual, and:

  • search and browse messages for an unlimited time
  • unlimited service integrations
  • 200MB file upload size
  • unlimited time per meeting
  • 50 participants per meeting (including video meetings, screensharing, whiteboarding)
  • CSV import
  • advanced user management (remove users from teams, transfer binder ownership, etc)
  • administrative dashboard
  • custom branding
  • analytics
  • unified team directory
  • 24/7 priority support
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everything in business pro, and:

  • dedicated support manager
  • LDAP and MS active directory
  • unified security, data retention, and compliance policies
  • organization wide reporting, metrics, and analytics
  • SAML + single sign on
  • identity management integrations
  • consolidated billing

moxtra for education

at your request, we will provide you and your educational institution with an extremely affordable and completely customized moxtra education package which encompasses teachers, students and administrators. give your scholars and educators an intuitive and effective learning and collaboration solution.


100 minutes of Dial-in toll minutes included with these plans. Any minutes used beyond the plans allowance will be charged as overages.